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exo, bigbang, 2ne1, and all of the thought that I would like to get rid of


Hey, calling out for your idols’ mistakes is a way of being a fan too. That way you help them realize what they did was wrong. It’s much, much better than shielding them even after they’re proved wrong.


Idols always tell their fans ‘I love you’ etc. So when the scandal comes out, the fans feel they were betrayed. That’s why I always tell my fans ‘I’m only an artist and not your everything. You need to live your life happily.’ Now my fans are asking me to date and stop hugging a pillow.


I wonder if CL gets sick of doing the ‘cat-eye look.’ Could you imagine doing the same makeup style for 5 years?  I wish she would change it up more often.

BTW iKON is still not complete. YunJunDong will complete iKON

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